Success Guaranteed" Process

Our Process = Your Success

Crush Quota utilizes a proprietary process for conducting successful executive searches. This is the foundation of our “Success Guaranteed” service and delivery. Our process is one that is strategic in nature and encompasses each tactical search that is conducted.

Our process is intellectual property of Crush Quota, and a significant differentiator in how we are able to successfully deliver our services and assure client success.
At a high level, this process encompasses:
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and assurances
  • Discovery of organizational opportunities, challenges and needs
  • Identification of real answers to the question “why would a top player be attracted to this opportunity?”
  • Interviewing all decision makers involved in the hiring process to vet organizational needs and “real” requirements
  • Creating objective, quantifiable hiring standards that take subjectivity and emotion out of the hiring decision (this is a critical component of risk mitigation and ensuring that clients do indeed secure a ‘game changer’ / Rainmaker hire)
  • Identification of specific source companies that will be targets for recruitment
  • Creation of measurable Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that the search will be conducted against
  • Creation of search calendar
  • Facilitation of interview and on-boarding process
  • Scheduled post-hire check-ups
We welcome the opportunity to discuss this process with you in greater detail. Please contact us to learn more.
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