Staffing/Human Capital
As a company in the human capital space, it’s only natural that Crush Quota would deliver executive search services to staffing firms.

Despite having core business operations in staffing, many staffing firms rely on the expertise of third-party executive search firms to identify and on-board key sales leaders.

Mid-sized staffing firms, in many cases, do not have dedicated in-house recruiting capabilities (meaning, focused on their own internal corporate sales and management hiring)
Larger national firms that may have had sizeable corporate recruiting departments have scaled these functions back, in order to streamline operations given the current economic environment. This has caused a reliance on external service providers to assist with their own hiring needs.

While this may seem counterintuitive, the staffing industry indeed relies heavily on external executive search firms to satisfy their own organizational needs.

This is true at the national, regional and local market levels.

Crush Quota inherently understands this market and as a result, clients would be hard-pressed to find a service provider that is better suited to deliver to these specific needs.
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