Mission and Core Values
Our Mission:

Through our niche executive search services, to provide clients with nothing less than "top tier" sales executives that drive real results and substantial business value.

We do this by cutting through surface level impressions and performing the difficult task of identifying Rainmakers, and eliminating anything less.
Core Values:
  1. Raise Customer Expectations (and Then Exceed Them)
  2. Deliver High Quality, On-Demand, Consistently
  3. Service the Client’s Business, As If It Were Our Own
  4. Every Customer Counts
  5. Operate With Integrity, Without Compromise
  6. Hire to Uncompromising Standards
  7. Seek Constant Improvement
  8. Relentlessly Develop Your People
  9. Encourage Guilt-free Work-Life Balance
  10. Care and Give Back
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