Middle Market Growth Companies
Crush Quota understands middle market growth companies – because we are one.

All successful entrepreneurs eventually get to the stage of needing professional sales leadership. Common occurrences include needing a sales leader to:

Replace the owner, who has been functioning in this role (allowing the owner to transition and focus on areas that are more suited to his/her strengths)
Replace an early-stage employee who was put into this role, but not necessarily ideally suited for sales leadership
Replace a sales leader that may not be performing optimally

Middle market companies most often need the assistance from an executive search firm for several reasons:

They do not have dedicated recruiting staff
They have a small recruiting staff, but executive search is beyond their strengths or capabilities, particularly source calling into targeted companies on a national basis
Their core competencies are something other than executive search (namely, whatever business that they are in) and it simply makes sense to leverage the expertise and results of a search firm

Middle market companies also need to “get it right” with executive hiring. Every hire makes a significant impact on a mid-sized company. There is simply no room for a hiring mishap, particularly with a sales leader. The right hire will ensure your growth plan is achieved; the wrong hire will set your business back by at least 12-18 months. No company, particularly mid-sized firms, can afford to lose 1-2 years of productivity and growth, and restart later.

Crush Quota understands the critical nature of this hire for a mid-sized company, and will treat your hire, as if it is our own.
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