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Executive Search for Sales Leaders

Crush Quota is an executive search firm specializing in a single area of expertise: Top tier sales leadership.

Most executive search firms – either retained or contingency – are “generalists”. Crush Quota's approach, conversely, is specialization. This single focus drives key benefits to clients. We will help you identify a 'game changing':

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)   Director of Sales
Vice President of Sales   Regional Sales Manager(s)

"The quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of an organization."
  Fred Fiedler, leading organizational psychologist

There is a common refrain from business leaders: “I have never interviewed a sales leader that I didn’t like.” The inference is that they all sound good in the interview. Unfortunately, strong sales leaders are rare, and most companies discover this after the hiring decision has been made. Crush Quota applies a screening and selection technique referred to as Bell Curve Hiring TM to identify top-tier talent and eliminate under-performers – before the offer is extended.

Crush Quota brings to clients:
  • National reach
  • Ability to source executives from identified target companies (no "job board" recruiting)
  • Specific vertical market (industry) expertise
  • Relentless focus on top-tier talent only; hiring of Rainmakers and elimination of anything less; this is accomplished through Bell Curve Hiring (tm) selection techniques
  • Performance to specific Service Level Agreements (SLA'S) and accountability
  • Blended pricing model
Crush Quota also offers “Success Guaranteed” service. Unlike retained search firms that get compensated, even partially, regardless of successfully executing your search and securing the right hire, Crush Quota offers services via a unique manner that blends elements of contingent and retained search.
Assure that this single most important determinant of success is accomplished- Crush Quota.
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