Client Success Stories
Assuring The Success of Our Clients

Every firm has their share of success stories. Crush Quota offers three representative searches that serve as references to our approach to the business and what we can do for you.

Our services are not priced to be the least expensive in the market. We do aim, however, to provide the greatest business value as measured by the tenure and results of the sales leaders that we place.
The success of our searches is not measured on a start date, but in the years that our hires add substantial business value to your top and bottom line:

Client: Blue Ocean Software (now Numara Software)
Challenge: Marketing results were reaching a plateau, as were sales. The company had a 100% telesales model, and wanted to migrate to a field- based sales team to capture larger deals. Sales and marketing needed to be revamped and matured to scale from a lower-end shrink-wrapped solution, into the more lucrative middle market space.
Solution: For this (then) $20 million software publisher, Crush Quota (then doing business as Intellect) was engaged to perform an executive search for a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), as well as source an 8-person field sales team across the country. All new hires were required to be sourced from similar software publishers in the technology domain.
Result: David Weiss, a 10-year veteran and early employee of Citrix Systems, was recruited from Citrix (then $650 million in sales) to join this 50-person growth company as CMO. The 8-person field sales team was hired within 90 days, with three reps hired from direct competitors. Blue Ocean went on to be recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s “fastest growing private companies” (four years in a row) and was later acquired by Intuit for $177 million. Seven years later, David Weiss is still with the company (now re-branded as Numara Software) in the role of CEO, replacing the retired founder of Blue Ocean. Of the sales team that was sourced and hired, 50% of the reps are still with the company – seven years later, and counting.
Client: Ideal Software
Challenge: Ideal was a mid-tier software reseller that partnered with and resold products such as Great Plains (now Microsoft Dymanics), Abra, Solomon, Saleslogix, and other middle-market business software solutions. The owner of this 10+ year old firm needed a strong sales leader to offload sales management responsibilities to.
Solution: Crush Quota (then doing business as Intellect) was asked to conduct a national search for a VP of Sales and Professional Services. The search was established to source from direct competitors, specifically larger software resellers in the accounting and back office space.
Result: Within 60 days, Ideal successfully hired and relocated Chris Milan into this role. He was subsequently promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company. Ideal Software was later successfully sold to Tribridge Consulting, the 2008 Microsoft Dynamics Worldwide Partner of the Year. Chris Milan is still with the company – seven years later, and counting.
Client: GEAC (Construction Accounting division)
Challenge: This mature software publisher was faced with a sales plateau and years of poor sales leadership. GEAC required a strong sales leader to both rekindle sales and improve the morale of a sales team that had been underproducing, under-inspired and poorly managed for some time.
Solution: Crush Quota (then doing business as Intellect) conducted a national search from competing software publishers. The company employed both a dual direct and channel model, so we were required to acquire a leader that was experienced with developing both, while minimizing channel conflict.
Result: Crush Quota “short listed” two strong VP’s of Sales that had strong and successful track records of growing middle-market software publishers, including $100 million in revenue responsibility. Virginia Walker was sourced from Best Software (now Sage), selected and joined GEAC. She was able to lead a successful turnaround in product sales, albeit in a mature-to-declining vertical market.
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