Bell Curve Hiring TM
Acquiring Top-Tier Talent

Too many executive search and staffing firms are focused on finding professionals with desired skills – and stop there. Crush Quota search services employ selective hiring criteria to ensure the professionals we deliver to clients are ‘game changers’, i.e. top performers. Crush Quota calls this approach Bell Curve Hiring TM.

Historical performance falls into peer group rankings – some higher, some lower. The Bell Curve Hiring TM process recognizes that past performance is an accurate barometer of a new employee’s potential.

Crush Quota executive search services discover these peer group rankings, and find top-tier sales leaders on the far right side of the bell curve (typically top 15% performers). This is critical when evaluating sales executives, where performance is extremely quantifiable. This also includes discovery of qualitative measures such as management style, soft skills and personality, to assure client culture fit.
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